Dave Readies for Winter

5 EZ Steps for Winter

In the southern states, we really don’t experience the misery most northerners do – feet of snow, sheets of ice, snowmen hitchhiking to Florida – you know the grind! Most years ‘roun’November (bad Alabama football pun), the constant rains, wind and near freezing temperatures for three months make it nearly unbearable for us thin-skinners. Dave used to live in a well-to-do suburb outside Chicago before moving to B’ham and asked me what to do before winter. We helped Dave with 5 simple steps to winterizing his cars a couple weeks ago:

Step 1 Interior Protection. We gave Dave an interior deep cleaning removing some stubborn stains after a thorough vacuum, worked over his interior cabin and cockpit to clean, sanitize and disinfect; dress the dash, door cards and console and finished off with carpet and a fabric coating to minimize any stains, salts and soils from muddy, wet boots and so on.

Step 2 Exterior Protection. Dave helped too by giving his car a thorough safe wash and foam bath…He liked the foam bath waaay too much frankly. We got into all the nooks and cranies with our detail brushes to remove any fine particles the rinse and foam bath didn’t release. After a decontamination step and several rinses it was time for paint protection.

Step 3 Paint Protection.  Dave is an enthusiastic sort and added several bolt-on services to his Winterizing process. We applied a soil and salt defense after applying premium wax and a sacrificial layer of protection to his paint from all the wet, mess, road salts and grime his cars will see.

Step 4 Glass Protection. The most important cleaning and protection any car must have in Winter is ensuring visibility safety. We give the windscreens a thorough machine cleaning prior to adding any protection to prevent soil and salt rash damage. We followed it up with two layers of protection to ensure clarity and hydrophobic properties and a sealant for added safety and visibility.

Step 5 Tire Protection. Maintaining grip on the road is critical during this time of year and you should always have your auto mechanic professionally inspect your tires for proper wear and rotation. We check your tires for proper inflation and adjust to OEM specifications – with your permission of course. We give your wheels a deep clean removing any iron, brake dust and caked on grime. Using drill brushes on your tires, we remove the brown gunk your tread picks up with daily driving. We then apply a gelee on wheels and dressing on tires for salt prevention and enhanced shine.

Five easy steps to get your cars right as rain. Dave is GTG (good-to-go) for winter and you can be too with our Winterizing specials. Click on the link to save $100 (yeah we do serious promos not the insulting 10% off). Ask us for the details of Dave’s upgrades if you’re interested. Happy Motoring!

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