Dave Gets Flushed!

Flush Me K, Flush Me!

No not like the age-old MIB movie franchise, more like the full-on, wheels-off detail Dave was looking for after a Holiday trek to the outlaws-and-back. You may recall, in a previous post, Dave has the enthusiast fever and invites me over often when I’m not busy. Dave’s a really good guy and the stories we share are priceless! We prefer performing a wheels-off detail, because more caked on grime, dirt and junk are removed, AND it prolongs the life of your wheels, tires, braking system and suspension components by having them cleaned and conditioned seasonally. We’re going to focus on the 3 most important steps we’ve learned along the way in addition to the ‘what-not-to-do’s. Car detailing parallels how a chef prepares for service in many ways. Mise en place is as important in detailing as it is in cooking if you’re ever going to be effective and efficient. 

Abolish the Goo. Once the wheels are removed and set off, the arches are flushed with a pressure washer to remove loose debris. Depending on condition, using a tank or trigger sprayer applying APC (all-purpose cleaner and or a degreaser for the tough stuff). Once the solution has had time to dwell, it’s time to use a variety of brushes and additional product to agitate and remove the stubborn, stuck-on goo. Tending the arch, calipers, rotors, coil overs and other bits’n bobs is a must. Rinse and repeat. Everything appears clean when it’s wet…just saying. Always inspect what you expect!

Decontaminate. Simply removing the dirt, grime and road film from your wheels isn’t enough. Iron fallout and tar remover are necessary steps to achieve truly clean. We repurpose older clay bars for cleaning wheels to a naked surface. TIP: I use an old potato peeler and shave off some of the decontaminant gunk and run the bar over the rims with a secret aqueous solution…I can’t tell you, it’s a secret! Once the tires are decontaminated, we give a final shampoo, rinse and wipe dry with a microfiber.

Unsullied Tires. If you’re super anal, then break out your tool set, remove the plastic wheel arch covers and be amazed how dirt gets behind them. Oftentimes, people grab a brush or scrub the tyres. Pish-posh! Break out the bloody drill or scrub brush attachment for your DA polisher, spray some wheel and tire cleaner and crack on. The tires must be perfectly clean as any dirt will render the dressing useless and brown in a few miles attracting more dirt faster. Once the tires and wheels are clean, it’s time to condition them with a water-based dressing to a brilliant matte finish. Ask us about our Tire Clear Coat…

Dress the arches with same water-based dressing. If your car has removable center caps, then by all means line up the logo with the air valve. If your cap needs sorted, we prefer to polish them with Sonax or an all-in-one like AutoFinesse Tripple to make’em spit spot!

For those of you with removable wheel covers, apply a coating to their surface after cleaning to minimize road film and dirt. This step makes them far easier to clean later on. If you have alloy, stainless or similar wheels, then consider using Gyeon Rim to coat and protect your wheels for 6-18 months depending on driving conditions.

Other options which we didn’t add-on for Dave include wheel hub refurb, longer-lasting ceramic coating for wheels or tire clear coat which lasts an entire year. Your choice of Wheel Coating or Wheel Protection is $100 off for a limited time. Cheers! 

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