Dave Goes on a Tour

Dave Goes on a Tour

Scott Spector

Barber Motorsports Museum

Dave, being a yankee and all, hasn’t ventured out very far from his neighborhood so I invited him one Saturday morning to come with for coffee. After some small talk, we drove the fifteen minutes outside the Birmingham loop to one of the suprise venues of the southeast (unless you’re a gearhead) to Barber Motorsports Museum.  I won’t go into the history, etc. just click the link. Here’s the highlights – an incredible property for car enthusiasts, non-hackers and racing fans the world over.  There’s over 850 acres dedicated to one of the best race courses for motorbikes, open wheel, i.e., indy cars, and track days in the world. YES! The world!








The list of championship drivers who’ve raced, tested or visited is quite impressive in every form of racing to the 16-turn 2.4 mile circuit. It is the Augusta National of motorsports venues! Dave was awstruck as we drove up the parkway the satin aluminum-clad facade and sculptures of The Chase by Ted Gall in the foreground and the throaty-sounding engines in the background. His jaw-dropping continued once he entered the museum as floor after floor over 1,600 motorcycles and nearly +100 years of production were before him. The world’s most extensive collection of Lotus and many exquisite race cars are also under roof. It’s incredible to see one man’s passion fueled in such a way; thank you Mr. Barber!

As a racing fan (not NASCAR) from way back, I’ve always enjoyed Indy, Formula 1 and to see them traverse the track at ludicrous speed, elevation changes and overtakes is something to behold in person v. TV. For a brief peek into the special situ here in Birmingham, check out Cass in his lap (one of 50,000) https://youtu.be/7LvJuB1sNM4 if you have the opportunity to carry your car here, do it and if not, then consider the Porsche Experience there! Hope you enjoyed the brief look into the gem of the southeast. Dave sure did, cheers!

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