Take Care Dave!

Dave Cares for His Coated Car

Caring for a coated vehicle is a bit different than maintaining a car with a wax or a sealant on it. A couple of reasons to have your car coated is increased hydrophobic properties, ease of maintenance and stain prevention from environmental elements. With that, coated cars will need specific maintenance of their own to maintain those hydrophobic properties. Most of the maintenance process is the same, with a few key differences to keep in mind. 

Proper Washing. Establish a disciplined washing or safe-wash mindset. Ensure you’re using a GritGuard to capture dirt, debris and sediment at the bottom of the bucket separating from your wash media (mitts, towels).

Wash Media. Using a high-quality wash mitt or microfibre towels – these are the only thing that should be touching your car’s paint. Maintaining your media is vital, too for its longevity and ensuring its integrity while touching your paint. If it’s not well maintained or high-quality, then your chances of inducing marring, love marks and scratches increase.

Soap. Can’t just use any “soap”. Avoid using OTC (over the counter) soap with gloss enhancers or waxes. Free and clear is what you’re looking for – pH neutral – no colors, dyes or fragrances. We recommend GYEON Bathe+ or Bathe Essence. If you have a pressure washer, then that’s a preferred way to apply soap via a foam cannon. Allowing foam to dwell on your painted surface will carry most dirt and debris off your car quickly. 

“Washing and drying your vehicle is the cornerstone of any car care. Do it improperly and you’ll add scratches, marring and swirl marks rendering your coating useless.”

If you’re going to take care of your car yourself, then follow the best practices to keep your car looking newer longer. You’ve invested a lot of money to have your car coated. To get the best results from your coating, follow the process… follow the process… follow the process.

Drying. We have the tools and prefer to use warm air to eliminate stray water that seems to hide. Chances are you don’t have access to an air dryer (no, I didn’t say HAIR dryer)… so you’ll likely use a towel. NOT JUST ANY TOWEL, either. Pick up a high-quality “thirsty” waffle weave microfiber towel or a silk dryer made for car drying that safely remove water.  Remember, the less often you touch the surface, the more likely you’ll not scratch or marr your coated cars paint. 

Maintenance Products. There’s things to use and things not to use – here’s the deal. Most importantly, you’re looking for products made specifically for maintaining coated cars. We believe in following a system. If we put a Kamikaze coating on your car, then we want you or have us maintain it using Kamikaze products. If we put a GYEON coating on your car, then use GYEON Q2M products. Can you mix manufacturers? Sure. Will I get great results? Meh, not really. 

Protection. Products like Cure from GYEON will work across manufacturers very well (why we recommend them). Sacrifical layer products like Gyeon Wax or WetCoat are great to protect and enhance the coating you’ve had installed. Less is more!

Get a good coating on your vehicle and get good maintenance products and disciplines to keep your car looking its best! That’s all you need to do. If you’d like dtals to maintain your coated car, we have a $99 maintenance program to take care of your car. Simply call/txt us for details or clarify what works best in your situ. 205-206-9483


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