Summer Service *SPECIALS*

Ode to Summer’s Greatest Songs

Before Summer’s Gone and it’s Now or Neverwe want you to have Hot Fun in the Summertime while you’re Dancin’ in the Streets because summer will end and those Summer Nights  will be gone then we’ll See You In SeptemberEnjoy the tunes and enjoy some serious savings for supporting dtals auto studio, like Dave has, this year! Thank you

Wheels-off Detail + Ceramic CoatingKeep your wheels and tires at their optimal condition with our service. A proper wheels-off detail addresses the wheels, tires (and spare) and arches. We flush the arches, thoroughly clean the wheels and tires, full decon tar removal, iron fallout and other contaminants from inner barrel, cap, spokes, lug holes, center bore, disc and lip. We also thoroughly clean and condition, rotors, hubs, calipers and all bits’n bobs behind the wheel throughout the arch well. Finally, we apply ceramic coating to your wheels, calipers and exhaust tips. reg. $499 SAVE $100

Windshield Cleansing, Polishing & Coating Our Glass Coating product combines two of the mostdesired qualities – durability and water repellency. Gyeon Q² View repels both water and dirt from glass surfaces. Whether rainy or night conditions, it offers an increased clarity and safety with up to 2 years durability. Service includes cleaning and coating installation. reg. $299 SAVE $100

Engine Bay Detail We eliminate all debris, dirt, grime and follow up with a protectant to minimize any dirt and grime making it easier to keep clean. We take care with all delicate ECU and electrical components ensuring water stays away from these areas. ull engine bay detail begins with removing all loose, dry items followed by blow out with air compressor. We clean and condition all bits under the bonnet removing thousands of miles’ worth of dust, dirt, grime and contaminants including the insulation pad and spot clean any stubborn areas. reg. $399 SAVE $150

Other services on sale…

New Car Detail Prep + Ceramic Coating  We offer a complimentary estimate appointment as every car is different. This service is recommended for vehicles below 5,000 miles. We also include a 5,000-mile checkup giving you 50% off your second detail. Your New Car Detail includes a courtesy vacuum, sanitize and disinfect, a full safe wash with multi-step foam bath, decontamination process, machine polish to remove paint imperfections, apply foundation coating and hydrate your paint’s finish, apply premium polish + a layer of protection to your paint and windscreen., clean door panels, dashboard, upholstery, leather and alcantara fabrics including seating, clean interior/exterior windscreens and mirrors, engine bay refresh, clean and dress tires, add fabric protection. reg. from $799 SAVE $200

Leather Protection Our service uses products specifically manufactured for vehicles with leather and/or alcantara microfiber seats and interiors with up to 12 months durability. It’s safe and effective on carpets, textiles & standard upholstered seating and interior surfaces with a pleasant fresh and clear scent. reg. $299 SAVE $100

Summer’s a great time to go to the lake, the beach, picnics with family and friends and more. Many of you took advantage of our spring and summer promotions. We wanted to make one last dash to summer’s sales before we get ready for college football season. Enjoy my favorite summer tune by The Drifters here. Give us a call 205-206-9483 or email us

Take Care Dave!How Thin Is Your Car’s Paint?