Dave Asks, What’s a Safe Wash?

Your car is given a full rinse from top-to-bottom and head-to-toe to remove most of the loose dirt and debris prior to any soap application. It’s followed by a pH neutral foam bath and allowed to dwell for several minutes where dirt sheds off all surfaces. We have been using a three-bucket system for decades – long before it was ‘fashionably satisfying’ to do so.

A safe wash is a disciplined process of washing your car by specific method or process. It’s called safe ensuring the solution or lubrication isn’t contaminated by polluting bucket contents. What is dtals safe wash process?

     1 bucket is a pH-neutral soap shampoo,

     1 bucket is clean rinse water, and

     1 bucket is for wheels and tires cleaning only.

This process avoids any potential cross contamination resulting in marring, scratching (inducing ‘bad habits’) onto your paint’s delicate finish (we’ll save an explanation of how delicate for another time). Once the car has received its foam wash and has been allowed to dwell, a 2nd full rinse is performed to shed all dirt, grime and contaminants off the surfaces. Some service packages we offer have multiple foam baths, and some will move from this step on to the two-bucket wash using multiple wash mitts.

Why multiple mitts? One mitt is for most of the painted surfaces. The second mitt is used for the dirtier areas of your car – lower front- and rear-bumper covers, lower rocker panels and door shuts or slam panels. A third mitt may be used for wheels based on wheel finish and amount of debris.

If you want to go deeper with your auto detailer, then have a conversation to explain their safe wash process. Their answer will either give you confidence or have you considering dtals auto studio for your next service.

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