Windscreen Rejuvenation


If your car’s windscreen is marred by wipers, road rash, pitting or numerous scratches, then you may want to consider having your windscreen rejuvenated and a glass coating applied for clarity, safety and improved visibility.

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Product Description

Typically, the cost to replace a windscreent is between $300-$600. Premium, luxury and collectible vehicles can increase the price to $1,500 or more depending on the vehicle. Consider improving your windscreen with our rejuvenation process – beginning with deep cleaning the glass surface to remove water spots and road film. We then assess the severability of damange to your windscreen as not all scratches can be removed. The process actually rounds and levels the glass around the scratch using the rare-earth mineral cerium. Once the glass is compounded with cerium oxide, we follow up with a polish, reisdue remover and ceramic glass coating for the best visibility, clarity and safety short of replacing your windscreen with up to 2 years durability. if you have long cracks, star breaks, bullseyes, etc., we’ll send your car to our Windshield Repair vendor for an additional cost.


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