Package Three


Two-Step Polish – Our “Most Popular Service” – includes Ceramic Coating!

Our two-step service is a minor-major process where we provide a thorough wash and vacuum, remove paint contaminants, swirls, hazing, buffer trails and minor scrathes by correcting your paint followed by isolated cutting passes to meet our clarity standards; a polishing step and a refinement step to your paint follwed by a ceramic coating.

INCREDIBLE VALUE:   ***ALL PACKAGE 3 INCLUDE:  Ceramic Coating, a $500 value***


Product Description

$599 is the deposit amount to reserve your appointment on our diary for all vehicles. Most Cars your balance of $598 is due upon collection. For SUVs, your balance of $698 is due upon collection. For Premium Cars, you will pay an additional $399 upon diary confirmation and your balance of $499 is due upon collection.

Most Cars $1,197

SUVs $1,297

Premium Cars  $1,497

Premium Cars are defined as follows:  Acura NSX; Alpha Romeo 4C, 8C, Quadrifoglio; AMG; Aston Martin; Audi R, RS, S, SQ, TT; Bentley; BMW 7-series, 8-series, I, M, XM; Bugatti; Cadillac Escalade; Corvette; Ferrari; Genesis G90; Hummer; Jaguar F, XF, XJ; Koenigsegg; Lamorghini; Lexus LC, LS; Lotus; Maserati; Maybach; McLaren; Mercedes E, S, CLS, Cabriolet, Roadster, Coupe, G-Wagon; Pagani; Porsche 718, 911, Panamera, Taycan; Land Rover RR, HSE, Sport, Velar; Rimac; Rolls Royce; Saleen; SSC NA; Vintage vehicles; Tesla S, X; Toyota Supra.


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