Kamikaze Infinity Wax


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Product Description

INFINITY WAX deepens and enhances the colors of your car, and will look great on everything from bright white to pure black. The Ultimate Hybrid Performance Wax!  53.7% high grade Carnauba Wax, and 39.2% Japanese glass coating, INFINITY WAX combines the amazing gloss of wax with the durability of glass coating. INFINITY WAX is designed to last upwards of over a year!

  • For the ultimate in paint protection, select one of our Kamikaze Ceramic Collections:
    • INFINITY WAX applied prior to one coat of ISM sandwiched between two coats of MIYABI.  The look is absolutely amazing, and the protection is unmatched. Kamikaze Collection I
    • INFINITY WAX applied prior to one coat of MIYABI and one coat of Zipang. The ultimate of depth, gloss, and protection. Kamikaze Collection II


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