Engine Bay Detail


Clean, prepare and protect the vital area that makes your car go. We eliminate all debris, dirt, grime and follow up with a protectant to minimize any dirt and grime making it easier to keep clean.

Product Description

Full engine bay detail begins with removing all loose, dry items followed by blow out with air compressor. We clean and condition all bits under the bonnet removing thousands of miles’ worth of dust, dirt, grime and contaminants including the insulation pad and spot clean any stubborn areas. We take care with all delicate ECU and electrical components ensuring water stays away from these areas. We also clean, condition all door, window boot & bonnet trim, seals & weatherstripping; clean/lubricate all straps, hinges & locks for additional rust prevention. Finally, we apply a silicone-free dressing to give all plastics and rubbers a deep, rich matte finish….shhh, we’ll also give your car a courtesy vacuum too.


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