What the Hell is a Poo Shute?

What the Hell is a Poo Shute?

Scott Spector

Sorry Dave, the Exhaust Tips

Having spent many lovely days in the West Midlands years ago, I have a tendency to shuffle off the mortal coil when am a bit tired and my English slang comes on. “Poo shutes, Dave, are exhaust tips.” Many a car has a simple muffler and tailpipe that needs little, if any attention. However, Dave has a set of chrome poo shutes that have been neglected ever since his move south, fancy that.

Now, I’m not one who enjoys an undercarriage cleaning unless its a premium car that has most bits’n bobs covered by panel which is far easier to crack on. In case you haven’t noticed, Dave is as bit OCD. With the brilliance of his cars’ shine, it appears he’s on a quest to find ways to clean his cars more than their former dodgy ways. He just kept pointing and grumbling about the dirt on the car’s backside. I obliged one afternoon and proceeded straightaway to settle his overworked OCD.

After jacking his car up for a more intimate view of his car’s unmentionables, a thorough cleaning commenced with a foam bath, isolated applications of APC and brush work to remove as much of the looser poo prior to attacking his shutes. Sounds a bit garish. With his shutes exposed a wee bit, it was easier for a proper cleaning as I broke out the BKF on him. That’s not some fancy acronym for a NSFW sado-masochistic treat, rather Bar Keepers Friend and steel wool make a smashing entry for cleaning the dirtiest of poo shutes.

After a solid 20 minutes or so of scrubbing, wiping, rinsing and repeating, Dave’s EXHAUST TIPS (you’re welcome) came out shiny and new. To further satisfy his OCD, we applied two coats of  GTechniq C1 crystal laquer which can withstand the high temperatures for many months of daily wear. Here’s $50 off C1 when you clean and protect your exhaust tips. No more grumbling Dave as he rejoiced to his wife, “my poo shutes are finally clean.” Lord help us!


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