Preservation Services

Cars are like fingerprints and no two are identical. Every car is assessed on end result to be attained while maintaining your cars’ finish integrity. We charge between “X” and “Y” based on specific criteria important to you and me – your desired outcome, the condition of your car, the value of your car relative to this expense and time required. You may want perfection and yet, due to many factors, it’s just not practical.

Resurrection Detail


Whether your car’s been given up for dead or you have some hope of rescuing its former glory with our Resurrection Detail – a multi-stage cutting, polishing & refining process resurrecting your beloved car in 3 days.

  • Full engine detail and dressed
  • Full wheels-off detail, arches flushed & protected
  • Full exterior paint protection & ceramic coating
  • Full interior treatments & coatings
  • Full glass & mirror protection and coating

If you’d like to receive a complimentary estimate, please email me or call +1 205 206-9483

“Roses aren't red, the detail is." – Dominic Riccitello

Black Badge Salon

For those who live on their own terms, who challenge expectation –  the mavericks and innovators. Crafted to perfection is what’s delivered with our Black Badge Salon Experience. We begin the journey chasing perfection while maintaining the highest surface integrity of your car. Experience finely tuned, unrivaled capability and sculptural grace as we complete every commission in whatever time it takes to seek perfection.

We never compromise time over quality with the Black Badge Salon as every car is unique and special. This level of detail is unrivaled by any hand-crafted artisan. From toothpickery on each individual chrome opening of a Bentley Continental’s grilles to every seam of the interior cabin of the Ferrari 458 Italia, dtals begins where others leave off.

All Black Badge Salon vehicles are thoroughly assessed and a personalized plan of care is developed. Owners receive a video diary on the progress of the vehicle documenting the journey towards perfection. Every commission is priced accordingly. All estimates are based on expected time and materials to accomplish an impeccably brilliant final result give or take 5 hours. If you’re looking for an experience like no other, then secure a complementary estimate, via email me or call +1 205 206-9483

ferrari 458 spider cabin

What’s Included with Black Badge Salon Experience

We begin with wheels off full restoration including detail care of bolts, arches, rotors and calipers; full engine bay detail and condition, full interior detail including toothpickery, ventilation, cabin and cockpit treatment, fabric hood treatment, where applicable; multi-step full paint restoration (multiple cutting passes, polishing and refinement) attaining as close to perfection as practical, including our premiere ceramic quartz coatings for all surfaces (fabric, glass, leather, paint, wheels, tires, trim) for maximum durability; over 50+ hours invested preparing, perfecting and preserving your automotive investment.


Unsure Where to Start?

let’s start by having a conversation (see below). Some projects can be secured digitally, and some require a visit to see your vehicle where we may provide your car with a complimentary safe wash. We inspect and assess what services and work to perform under proper lighting. Finally, we’ll discuss the level of investment you’re comfortable with, agree on your priorities and move forward from there. Call or TXT +1 205 206-9483  email me  or  FaceTime