Our Most Popular Packages

choose the package that fits your car best - whether you're looking for an interior-only detail, a full detail or a regularly scheduled maintenance wash, our packages won't break the bank!

Express Detail

Express Detail. Your car will receive a thorough wash and vacuum, clean and condition dashboard, door panels, and center console with an antimicrobial cleaner. We clean and condition your floor mats; spot clean headliner and carpets, clean all windows and mirrors. We then clean and dress your wheels, tires and trim and follow up your paint with a premium wax and sealant all in about 2 hours.

Maintenance Wash

Maintenance Wash Package. Schedule your service when YOU want it – every 4, 6, 8 weeks or whenever.  Your car receives our safe wash, a thorough vacuum, clean and dress the interior cabin, all windows and mirrors and any spills and messes are spot cleaned. Finally, your car receives a machine polish and sealant restoring gloss and shine to maintain its beauty until we see you again real soon! (<2 hrs)

New Car Detail

New Car Detail. Your car’s first detail will protect it from harmful elements we live with daily. We perform our safe wash, 3-step decontamination removing fallout, iron deposits and other pollutants. We machine polish any factory defects or dealer-induced imperfections and apply a ceramic layer of protection to your paint and windscreen. We also include a 5,000-mile checkup giving you 50% off your next detail to keep your car looking new. (8 – 24 hrs)

“If you clean and protect your new car, then you’ll never need to correct the finish.” – Gil Spector

Most Convenient

We work ‘by appointment only’ giving you the flexibility to get stuff done. You’re never inconvenienced to drop off or wait for your car. We come to you and we’ll even rideshare you to work eliminating any hassles of coordinating your work-home life.

Better Than New

Have your car look better than new with our standard packages or the most popular services our friends and customers often ask for. We have the latest technology and environment-friendly products to make your car look, feel and smell better than brand new.

Save You Time

Our proven processess have been continually fine-tuned over two decades of being effective and efficient. Our professional network routinely shares best practices, tips and techniques that help us, help you save time.

It's All In The Details

What separates the good from the great detailer is more than the level of detail taken on your vehicle. The best detailers have the fewest mistakes and our experience and attention to details were founded on minimizing errors.