Less is More

Over the last two decades, all of us have been exposed to doing more with less. From downsizing at work, remote working, to creatively leading a family or business on less income or more expenses.  Many of us have been forced into a different mindset of doing more with less. In car detailing, we must have the mindset of less is more, also!

Just because you grill the best steak in the neighborhood, doesn’t mean you need to grill’n eat it everyday.

Just because using a quick detailer makes your car look great doesn’t mean you need to apply it every week. 

Just because your tires look great with dressing doesn’t mean you need to apply some weekly…and

Just because you workout everyday at the gym doesn’t mean you should for eight hours a day!

The point is disciplines are great as they’re developed and repeated in the right context. Some of us are doing the wrong things perfectly.  There’s not enough time to recover if you’re going to the gym for 8 hours a day. Less time, more concentrated efforts on a muscle group or cardio at a session is better for you. Eating red meat daily may not be the best source of protein for your health (check with your physician…damn lawyers ffs). And yes, your car can be detailed too much or too often.

Paint Correction. If you take care of your car’s paint with proper maintenance disciplines, chances are it’ll rarely need to be corrected. IF you take care of it with the proper maintenance cleaning. There’s only so much clearcoat on your paint and leveling or removing it comes with inherent risks. Do the basics – have your car detailed quarterly and in that it may only need some isolated corrections. Park it away from trees to avoid sap, branches or acorns falling on it or worse, bird bombs if it must be kept outside.

The Interior Cabin. Think of cleaning the interior of your car similar to cleaning your furniture. Do you apply Pledge every week? Old English? every month? Once the interior is clean whether that includes sanitizing and disinfecting or not, it shouldn’t need too much attention unless there are spills or stains to address. Keep a microfiber or two in your glove box. If there’s a coffee spill, blot it up with the towel and address the stain once you’re home. Remember Dave’s Stain Survival Guide?

The Engine Bay. There’s pros and cons of water in bays that my head spins. I showed Dave how to maintain his engine bay with a few tools and products – small brush, a longer brush, couple three towels, some APC (all purpose cleaner) and a water-based dressing. Remove the loose items by hand or air, if available. Spray APC onto brush and towel and remove any gunk or grime you see. Wipe down the surfaces with a clean towel and apply dressing to another towel and wipe down the plastics and you’re done. Certainly that’s a simplified version…again, a little bit at a time keeps your car running optimally. You can read more details here.

More or Less. We’re ALL sales people. Here’s a tip for you sales people:  sell on the least amount of information. When the potential customer brings up an objection, it’s not an attack of you or the product. It’s an opportunity for customer to gather more information. And if you’re professional enough to address their questions or concern with value that makes sense to them – not you – then you’ve done your best. Ask the question. Support the answer and share the value your other customers have gained from your product or service. Less is always More…cheers!

What the Hell is a Poo Shute?Take Care Dave!