Damnit, It’s Ruined!

3 Ways Dave Ruined His Freshly Detailed Car

There are dozens of ways to ruin your newly detailed car, but here are the top 3 within your control if you merely pay attention to what’s going on around you.

Number 1 – The Gas Station. Two things at play here when you fill up your car – the gasoline itself and your gas cap. The gas cap has a holder to place your cap as you fill your car. When the cap is left to dangle, two things occur – scratching and marring from the cap along the car’s clearcoat as well as dirt and gasoline residue ride along the painted surface inducing chemical and mechanical scratches. Second, gasoline dribbling or spilling along the car’s surface is no bueno! Immediately, pour water over the surface area, wet a microfiber towel and gently wipe off any lingering residue and allow to dry. Don’t use the gas station window washer well (OMG that’s making a bad situation worse). Consider carrying a microfiber, bottle of water and quick detailer spray in the car with you.

Number 2 – Bugs and Birds. Bugs and bird poo are the #1 “environmental hazards” we live with. Allowed to dry (even less than an hour) will etch your clear coat due to the acidic nature of bug gut splatter and bird shit. A 2A would also include tree sap – avoid parking under trees or if unavoidable, realize you need to clean off the dust, pollens and sap that fall every day. How do we remove the poo? Again, go back to the plain simple water and towel method as above. Soak your towel and add water to the etching and cover allowing the poo to absorb the water diluting the acids and gunk. Don’t grind the towel or wipe up immediately!!!

Wait a minute or two and gently wipe up. If it’s been hours or even a day later, then you have more work to do. Sorry broski! Follow the plain, simple water process and follow up with quick detailer spray soaking a towel and the etching. Allow to soak in for 2-3 minutes then gently wipe away. The longer the poo sits the longer the solution needs to soak. The poo is gone but there’s an etching image left, what do I do? That’s where we come into isolate surface correction and restore with a polish and sealant. “Call me Alabama!” (inside joke for bammers).

Number 3 – Contact. Most contact with your car’s paint is bad contact. It is what it is. From fingertips and nails along the door handles to merely wiping your hand along a dirty surface induces marring and scratches. Think of dirt this way: dirt is rocks. How? Well, boulders break apart into rocks, Rocks break apart into stones and then into pebbles and then into grains and then into dirt. Dirt IS rocks so avoid wiping your hands or anything else along with surface without any lubrication. Lubrication can be water, liquid solution, etc. to any protective solution.

Poor Dave hit about half of the top 10, but if you carefully manage these three, then you’ve nailed 80% of the self-imposed damage that’s out there. Thanks Dave!

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