How Thin Is Your Car’s Paint?

How Thin Is Your Car’s Paint?

Scott Spector

Dave’s Fat, But Your Car’s Finish is Skinny

The feeling you get when you buy a brand-new car, or a used car is always one of life’s great thrills! Enhancing a car’s paint of a brand-new or a new-to-you car is one of our mainstay services. Many times, our client’s like to come watch or chat us up during the polishing stage. As we wipe off the machine-polished liquids applied to their car, we will hear “where did that scratch come from?” Oftentimes, ‘love marks’ and ‘bad habits’ are now revealed after removing hidden dirt, grime and surface bonded contaminants through our process steps.

“One reason I’m here is to help you prevent any more or deeper scratches doing whatever it is you’re doing to your car Dave. There’s only so much finish on your car bro!”

Your clear coat finish is thinner than a post-it note (and I’ll hand you a post-it note for you to feel). Because, this car is a daily-use vehicle, there will be scratches we live with and learn how not to add any more onto the paint. Now, if this car is NOT a daily-use ride and I’m there to perform a standard detail, what I recommend is on the next visit I perform our PACKAGE #2,  which will remove most scratches and add a coating to protect the finish longer. I’ll give you tips, tricks & techniques to do in between my visits to minimize any more “love marks.”

Sometimes client’s aren’t happy with any scratches on their car. Neither am I, but I have to ask….”Dave, did you buy this car new or is it used?” If it’s used and you got a good deal, those scratches come with a “good deal.” If it’s new, I’ll ask questions to find out what you’re doing that may be causing scratches and “love marks.”


“Regardless, Dave, I have only so much clear coat and paint to work with…following disciplined process steps ensures we’re not compromising the surface integrity and you have a good-looking car to drive. Let’s have good, healthy habits with our cars and preventive maintenance so we don’t have to take it to the emergency room for surgery later on. When you take care of the paint today, you won’t have to correct it tomorrow.

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