Black Friday *SPECIAL*

Black Friday *SPECIAL*

Scott Spector

Thank You!

My son and I are forever grateful for friends and clients like you. Without each of you, we wouldn’t be celebrating 20+ years of servicing and fulfilling our passion for cars. As a thank you, we are offering for the first time a unique discount for you and your four-wheeled friends.

Black Friday *SPECIAL* $200 and 50% off SECOND car

Exterior Wash & Wax – a thorough hand wash & premium wax applied to restore depth and enhance your car’s gloss.

Ceramic Coating – our most popular coating with up to 1-year durability

Interior Cleaning & Conditioning – we provide a thorough interior vacuum, dashboard, door panel & plastics cleaning PLUS our complimentary carpet coating to repel water and prevent staining. Leather seating is cleaned and conditioned also.

Glass Cleaned – we clean all interior & exterior glass, windscreen & mirrors for enhanced clarity.

Wheels & Tire Conditioning – we give your wheels and tires a thorough cleaning and dressing for a deep matte finish…all in about 2 hours!

AND, we’ll provide the same service for your 2nd car for only $100…Limit 3 vehicles


Avoiding Surgery for Your Car