Be Safe Out There

Be Safe Out There

Scott Spector

Why Safety Is So Important

For the sake of time, speed and minimal effort, many car enthusiasts avoid using safe practices when cleaning their cars. This is no bueno! I’ll try to make this comment as succinct as possible:

“If you wouldn’t eat or drink the product you’re about to handle, then a best practice is to wear and use PPE (personal protection equipment)” – protective eyewear, nitrile gloves, and ear protection. We don’t stop there, and you shouldn’t either!


It also includes proper posture, working positions, proper use of tools, equipment and rest. You only have one pair of eyes, ears, hands, feet and back and if you don’t take care of them, then they can’t take care of you! Take it from this ole’ b%$&.

Proper posture includes not bending over from the waist; rather, sit on a stool and maintain the proper spine angle minimizing muscle and joint stress. Your work space (key working position) includes standing relaxed in an upright position having your hands and arms working within a 2’x2’ work area. Do you remember your firearms training? Your work area keeps you safe and optimally ready for any threat. Whether you’re right- or left-handed, it’s important to know which hand and grip set-up positions provide optimal work, physical comfort and a favorable user experience.


In the south, we deal with humid environments over half of the year and staying hydrated is imperative. If you drink only when you’re thirsty, then you’re behind in your hydration and can take as long as 24-48 to catch up, according to Men’s Health Magazine, 2019. Whether working inside or outside, make it a point to drink 3-4 liters of water daily. Hydration isn’t the only thing we need. Taking time to rest is as important to being effective and efficient.


Some of our packages are designed to be completed in less than 3 hours while others take as many as 5-7 ten-hour days. Throughout all these packages, we build in rest after each 45-minute segment – rest is vital if you’re to recover and do it all again tomorrow. Here’s another nugget: Wait! There’s more!

Cord Management

Many air compressors suggest NOT using an extension cord longer than 25’. If you can avoid using one, do so. Using a low-rated or a too long extension cord with your air compressor can result in the motor overheating and eventually burning out. You’re better off using a longer airline than a long or wrong cord and save your compressor motor from unnecessary maintenance. That’s just a few things to consider and maintain a safe work area. Have a great time out there and stay safe!

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