Avoiding Surgery for Your Car

Avoiding Surgery for Your Car

Scott Spector

Dave…Either First Aid or Emergency Surgery

Dave knows all about first-aid having several kids between 5 and 10. I shared with Dave how the same keys in first-aid also help you avoid emergency surgery down the road. Let’s look at how being proactive, preventive and predictive help your car from having to go to through Emergency Surgery.

Some steps in being proactive with your car include having the necessary mindset, resources and tools to avoid the roadside car wash. Understanding how badly your car can be scratched and marred by tunnel wash systems is simply a mindset shift. Using the 2- or 3-bucket wash method is another, and so is having dedicated microfiber towels for engine bay, wheels & tires, interior plastics and exterior paint. Another is having a small selection of proper brushes to use on the appropriate surfaces when it’s time to clean your ride.

“Would you brush your teeth with the toilet brush?”

For some, being proactive is enough, and for others, they take another step forward in their car care by preventing ‘love marks’ and ‘bad habits’ just by being smart about things, like: not parking under/near trees where sap and pollen can accumulate; avoiding cross-contamination of those brushes we spoke of earlier. On that note, you wouldn’t use the same brush to clean your toilet and then brush your teeth would you? OMG, RIGHT?! Yeah, so don’t cross-contaminate. There’s dozens of examples where you can prevent bad things from happening to your car.

The final step of being predictive or anticipation is a giant leap for many. It’s more than a mindset shift…it’s more like a disciplined approach to keeping your car as new and fresh as it can be. It’s having a specific maintenance schedule for under the bonnet as well as the interior and exterior of your car. It’s looking ahead into your schedule of events on your diary with your family, work and other commitments so you can get the necessary maintenance performed with least amount of disruption to you and your family’s schedule. Dave says, just put dtals auto studio on a regular maintenance routine and let them do the worrying for you.

“Dave, if we take care of your car now, then we won’t have to correct your car later.”

What about any of this constitutes Emergency Surgery? AHH, my young friend as I said to Dave when he asked the same question years ago. Dave, if we take care of your car now, then we won’t have to correct your car later. If we take the time to ensure your interior and exterior will last for many years (First Aid – the regular maintenance, clay bar, minor polishing and correcting), then we won’t have to take it into surgery (multi-step correction, cutting, polishing and refining). Back in the day, there was a Fram oil filter commercial that always ended with, “…you can pay me now (the oil filter mechanic) or you can pay me (the engine rebuild mechanic) later. Avoid surgery and do the little things.

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