OMG Dave, Don’t Do It!

Why Breaking Dave’s Habit of Using the Automated Car Wash is So Hard

Convenience and cost. Plain and Simple. There may be an automated car wash in nearly every neighborhood from $10 to $30. It’s fast, cheap and convenient. What’s wrong with the automated car wash? Click here to a friend’s post on that – but the question is about breaking a bad habit, and there’s 3 reasons why breaking this habit is so hard.

It’s Nearby. Yeah, so! We come to your home, so you don’t need to put ‘car wash’ on your ‘to-do’ list. Once a client realizes the convenience of having us wash, polish and maintain their cars, the roadside car wash becomes an afterthought. You’re saving the commodity you can never replace – TIME!

It’s Cheap. Is it really? The amount of damage to your car’s paint from the slapping brushes isn’t all that’s bad. The wraparounds and the curtains banging on your car are abrading your paint too. Unfortunately, most tunnel washes rarely clean and sanitize let alone take the time to maintain and clean the system until it breaks.  

Now, you may not give a rats ass about your car’s finish or exterior maintenance, and if that’s you…no worries. We’re not a service for you. No harm. No foul. But if you’re like Dave and realize the investment you have in your vehicle can be extended by proper care and maintenance, then the cost per use from dtals brings far more ROI than the cost erosion and exterior damage from the roadside convenience.

One Call. One call is about establishing one discipline – having dtals do the work for you. It’s doing the math. It’s building rapport through trust and respect. If that’s important to you, then it becomes an easier habit. Realizing you have someone who cares more for your car than you do changes the game. If your roadside carwash operator is honest with you, then chances are you’ll learn his business is a numbers game based on density.

BONUS: our family-owned business is about more than supporting one family. It’s knowing a portion of your investment with us goes to support non-profit organizations like St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital through our Amazon Affiliate links. It’s knowing a portion of your investment with us goes to support our front-line responders, current and veteran military through our Honor Club. And finally, it’s knowing a portion of your investment with us goes to support the immediate action non-profit for our special forces operators in the Red Circle Foundation for servicemen who gave the ultimate sacrifice. I’ll ask you – is breaking the habit of the roadside carwash that difficult?


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