GYEON Certified Detailer

dtals auto studio, a GYEON Certified Detailer

dtals auto studio has been selected as one of only a few highly respected detailing specialists in USA, accredited to represent and install GYEON Professional Ceramic Coatings

THE GYEON WAY. GYEON has always been innovators – unique and constantly striving to be a step ahead of the car care market – with passion and experience never making compromises. It’s the GYEON WAY.


Exceptional is the word always in the forefront of our minds at work. Gyeon strives to create and manufacture exceptional car care products, wrapped in exceptional packaging and backed with exceptional marketing and technical support.


Rather than rely on a label, GYEON is defined by delivering groundbreaking formulas on a regular basis. Having a proven history of industry changing innovations, GYEON have been the world’s-first with innovative car care products to market in recent years.

Why Choose A Ceramic Coating For Your Car?

A well prepared and ceramic coated car looks amazing! GYEON coatings are very glossy and enhance the intensity of the paint. Your car will be protected from the elements and your car’s gloss and depth will be better than new for many years. Maintenance becomes far easier, and the paint will be easier to clean.

What is a Ceramic Coating? A ceramic coating is a solid transparent and self-cleaning silica-based protective layer. Coatings can be applied on any surface of your vehicle to provide the ultimate protection.

How does a coating work? Ceramic coatings are a thin, extremely resistant layer of protection. Liquid during application, the coating penetrates the porous structure of the surface and seals it. It protects against dirt, UV rays and the severity of everyday use.

What a Ceramic Coating Won’t Do. Coatings won’t protect your car against scratches, swirls or scuffs, unless maintained correctly. It won’t protect against stone chips or any other mechanical damage. It is, however, a fantastic tool for the conscientious owner to help maintain their vehicle in perfect condition!

A comprehensive series of advanced quartz-based products offering outstanding surface protection. dtals offers the Q² range including an industry world’s-first FLASH!

The Q²M collection offers a wide range of innovative maintenance products for the preparation and aftercare of all vehicle surfaces, complementing the Q² coating range.

What Can I Protect with GYEON?

GYEON ceramic coatings protect fabric, glass, leather, paint, trim, tires and wheels. To prepare, protect and maintain your car, book your service with dtals auto studio your preferred provider of GYEON car care.


Ask about Q2 FLASH! A premiere ceramic coating offering a 3 and 10 year warranty. Incredible levels of hydrophobicity, extremely chemical resistant and provides unmatched gloss that’s better than new. This unique formula is only accessible to GYEON Certified Auto Detailers, who have been trained and instructed on proper installation and usage.

"It's attention to details that makes the difference between average and stunning." - Francis Atterbury