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As a family-owned business of professional enthusiasts, our goal is to provide you with with the most flexible, convenient and best value automotive detailing experience possible. 

  • We are licensed and fully-insured.
  • We ensure you’re completely satisfied with your service
  • From our standard details to preserving your prized vintage vehicle, we may love your care more than you.
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Do You Have Questions?


Are you insured?

We are fully licensed, insured and have been taking care of our friends, friends of friends and referred clients in the southeast for over two decades. Our coverages have been with State Farm since our inception and covers everything from daily drivers, garage queens, vintage vehicles,  exotic and rare cars worth +$1MM.

How often should I clean or detail my car?

The single best maintenance you can perform is to clean your car removing dirt, grime and traffic film keeping it running optimally. For some people, that can be weekly, biweekly, monthly or whatever. In many cases, what gets in the way is finding or making time to do so – whether it’s kids activities, travel, a lack of water if you’re in a managed property, etc. That’s where we come in. Having your car detailed 2-3 times per year is what most of our clients experience with maintenance washes and polishing in between. We offer a Maintenance program – our Reflection package – for this exact reason! Schedule us to come take care of your cars where it makes sense with your active lifestyle!

Why would my new car need anything? It’s new!

Unfortunately, bad things happen to new cars you’re not privy to. You have no contact with the manufacturer and the dealer isn’t going to tell you about the cosmetic damage your new car’s experienced they’ve corrected – the dirty little secret! We live and operate between two major car manufacturers and see first-hand all the imperfections, marring, scratches, dings, dents, buffer trails, swirls, hazing, overspray, color blending, rail and transportation damage on nearly every single car regardless of brand and price.

If you’re ordering a new car, we highly recommend you tell the dealer not to remove any plastic, foam, stickers or any interior coverings prior to us taking care of your car with you at delivery. If you’re buying a used car, we also recommend you telling the dealer not to detail prep your car. Some of our clients have asked us to view their car prior to purchase so we can assess the overall paint, fit and finish as an impartial sounding board.

How long does it take?

The time it takes is based on which service you’ve purchased. Standard interior or exterior only service may only take up to two hours giving the current condition as “normal” wear. A full interior and exterior detail can take anywhere from 4-6 hours or more, again depending on current condition, severity of cleaning and correcting required. Know that, we always accommodate our client’s schedule. If you’re under a time constraint, please let us know at time of diary confirmation and we’ll say if your request is realistic for the quality we deliver relative to the service you purchased.

Do you offer pick-up and delivery?

We’ll happily coordinate arrangements for you with rideshare to take you to work, etc. within a 10-mile radius up to $25 dollars complimentary. Fees over that distance and/or dollar amount will be added to your final invoice which is due and payable at vehicle collection.

Why is there a scratch I never noticed?

A common occurrence when we polish and correct nearly every car is uncovering what’s beneath the hazed, marred and cloudy surface. Think of your car similarly to your skin. Once you remove the makeup, clean and exfoliate it, what’s remaining is the true condition of your skin’s pores, blemishes and imperfections. We then remove isolated scratches, holograms, hazing, micro-marring and other localized imperfections as long as the surface isn’t compromised based upon the service you’ve purchased.


Where is the work performed?

All work is performed at your garaged location. We need mains electrical and water service within 50 feet of your vehicle location. We continue to search for an outparcel to build our advanced 3-bay studio if you know someone or a location that may be suitable. We will provide Lifetime Services to you if you’re an intermediary for us.

How do I pay for your work?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Cash App and Venmo as forms of payment. A refundable deposit of 50% of your service is due to reserve your place on our diary with the balance due and payable at vehicle collection.  Some exclusions apply.

What is your service area?

We prefer to stay within the 5 southeastern state area – AL, FL, GA, TN, MS. We have been commissioned to service vehicles all over the US should you have a need you’d like to discuss for your personal vehicles, Exhibitions, Photo Shoots or Concours.

What if I’m late, forget or miss my appointment?

We advise notifying us at least 24 hours in advance. However, we know things do come up where’s that’s not possible having been a single-parent. We will reschedule your appointment on the diary at our earliest practical opening. Sometimes our diary is booked six to eight weeks out.

Cancellations are taken on a case-by-case basis and are susceptible to a $150 cancellation fee unless we reschedule you on the diary for a later date at no cost. If you have given us 24 hours or greater notice, then we will gladly refund your deposit. Refunds may take up to 5 or more days to process depending on your financial institution – this is not a dtals auto studio or JScott Partners issue within our control.

What happens if it rains soon after you detail my car?

Safety is extremely important to us and we monitor NOAA and SPC weather portals very closely every day. We issue diary openings with pending weather situations in mind, and we prefer to reschedule if our safety could be compromised. Should your vehicle(s) be unlucky to experience rain within 24 hours after our service, we will gladly, provide a complementary maintenance wash at our earliest convenience.

What kind of chemicals do you use?

We use environmentally safe and responsible products from long-standing reputable vendors we’ve partnered with for over 20 years. We maintain an updated MSDS log for additional information should you have a question or concern.

What if I find a cheaper price?

If price is your concern, then please use that service provider. We don’t negotiate pricing, nor compromise our standards.

Our History

Beginning at age 9, watching and occasionally helping my dad restore a ’62 Corvette was a great way to spend time together. I loved the experience of taking something cherished and returning it to its original glory. Life evolved in many different directions from customer facing roles, professional sports, coaching and consulting. Throughout all that time, rejuvenating the beauty of cars continues to be incredibly satisfying experience. Read more at my LinkedIn

J. Scott
J. Scott

“it’s the little details that are vital…little things make big things happen.” – John Wooden

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